Defining Security VMS

Providing an aggressive VMS offering for entry, middle and enterprise
tier projects. Mirasys offers a robust, stable, easy, effective solution
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MIRASYS VMS software for a secure world

Looking Ahead with Arecont

From the the SurroundVideo Series to the the MicroDome mini camera
Arecont is always looking to maintain its leadership in Megapixel technology
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ARECONT ANYWHERE our cameras, your security

Simplify Your Experience

The xVault product line combines IP
expertise in server, storage and client
machines for turnkey hardware with all
levels of video solutions
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SENECA NVRS - STORAGE server power revealed

Todays Entry Solution

IP intercoms for door communication
and emergency calls, IP public address
systems and M2M products
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2N IP INTERCOMS opening up solutions

Define Your Entry

Offering the next level of turnstile technology
for your entrance solutons and for the safety and
monitoring of your facility and entry areas
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ENTRY WITH ORION custom is standard

Power your future

FlexPower and NetPower product lines are high performance network
connected power-manangement systems listed for access,
fire, CCTV and mass notification appplications
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POWER PRODUCTS using power the right way

A Clearer View Of Your World

Leading the industry in the design and development
of commercial grade LCD monitors certified for use
use in demanding 24/7/365 operations and environments
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ORION IMAGES how we view technology

Next Generation Backhaul

Siklu wireless radios are transforming wireless technology with
the millimeter wave design giving you more bandwidth with
total reliability
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GIGABIT WIRELESS high-bandwidth wireless